What type of fish feed do we use?

"Everything that we take in to our bodies through our diet builds and changes us, influences our strength, our health and our lives." This Hippocrates statement, valid nowadays as ever, reminds us that we choose those foods that protect us and which have a positive effect on our health, therefore we select our suppliers carefully and use only high quality products.
Fish is fed with extruded pellets which main ingredients are fish flour and fish oil plus variable shares herbal ingredients such as soy and corn flour.
To produce 1 kg of our fish we spend about 2 kg of fish feed, which is much more efficient utilization of raw materials than in case of wild fish growth and other farmed animals such as cows, chickens and pigs.
We continuously maintain high standards and besides acquisition of certified quality food we continuously conduct control of the fish feed composition at accredited laboratories to ensure that food has desired characteristics, does not include GMOs and raw materials of animal origin other than fish.
In order to achieve the best conditions for growth and health of our fish, food composition is adjusted to individual species, their life cycles, and environmental factors, plus we do not use any growth enhancers or hormones.