Smoked sea bream

Net amount:
100 g
Transport packaging:
10 pieces
Ingredients: Sea bream (lat. Sparus aurata), salt, seasoning mix, pepper
Instructions: Store at temperature 0° C to +7° C
Shelf life: 45 days 
Energy value: 148 kcal per 100 g

Hidden Treasure of the Adriatic Sea on your plate

Smoked sea bream fillets Cromaris were prepared in a traditional way, using light-based smoking by beech smoke, including previous treatment with Mediterranean herbs - rosemary, basil, bay leaves and sage; and addition of salt, without any artificial preservatives and dyes. Fillets keep distinctive white colour, while the skin takes on the brown-golden colour.
The fish prepared in this way is easily digestible, low in fat and high in protein. This treatment enables preserving excellent organoleptic properties and the product is ready for consumption.
Our smoked fish can be prepared in various ways depending on the consumer's taste. They are delicious as a starter in combination with vegetables and pasta, but also as main course with other side dishes.

Individual package dimension: 23,5x18,5x0,4 cm
Display package dimension: 23,6,5x18,6x11 cm
Number of products in display package: 10
Transport boxes dimension (6 display package): 55,0x26,5x25,0 cm
Pallet dimension: 80x120 cm
Number of rows on pallet: 6
Total number of transport boxes on a pallet: 24