Organic sea bream

In the beautiful landscape of sea reserve Lim Bay, Cromaris has organic sea bream farm (lat. Sparus aurata) where the fish is farmed according to strict environmental standards, for which it acquired several European certificates for organic production: EU Organic, Bio Siegel, AB and Naturland.
Production of organic fish in Cromaris is based on:
  • fish feed produced using sustainable raw vegetable and fish origin (no GMO ingredients)
  • fish farming in cages with reduced density
  • use of feed with lower fat content

Shelf life: 14 days
Energy value: 199 kcal per 100g

Available sizes:
200-300 g
300-600 g
600-800 g
+800 g

Available sizes of gutted and scaled fish (gills and gut removed):
160-250 g
250-330 g
330-500 g
Box options (with cover): 3kg, 6kg
Pallet dimension: 120 cm x 100 cm
Number of rows on pallet: 11
Total number of boxes on a pallet: 88
Storage conditions: on ice, 0˚- +2˚C