Fresh fish Meagre prosciutto

Preparation:  2.5 hours
Number of persons:  2

Fresh fishMeagre prosciutto

Ingredients for two persons:
  • meagre, approximately 800 g
  • coarse sea salt 300 g
  • sugar 100 g
  • herbs (rosemary, basil etc)
Fillet the meagre and remove the skin. Make faundation of mixed salt, sugar and herbs and put it in an appropriate vessel or on a plate. Place the fillet onto it, then cover it with the rest of the mixture. Leave it at room temperature for two hours until the mixture draws all the moisture from the fish. Cut into thin slices.
Putting the fish into the mixture prepared as above dries it, achieving the flavour and smell of sea prosciutto. With the meagre prosciutto as hors d’oeuvres, serve a glass of dry red wine (for example Croatian Plavac Mali).