List of regular controls

Compliance with the standards of sustainable management and environmental protection requires regular analyses in accredited institutions according to accredited methods. Below is a list of regular controls conducted by Cromaris.


Based on studies of the environmental impact Ministry of Environmental Protection prescribed status environmental monitoring on each site. Measurements are performed at the peak loading time of sea water with sediment at several positions on the farm at least once a year.

Biological parameters

  1. Biological diving inspection of the seabed, which includes: an overview of the vegetation and animal communities ase well as the state of sea grass

  2. in a seawater column: transparency, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll

  3. seabed sediment: the redox potential, organic carbon, total nitrogen, total phosphorus

Fresh fish

Sampling of the farms is carried out twice a year at each location for:
  1. microbiological safety
  2. chemical analysis (heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals, polychlorinated biphenyls)
  3. residues of antibiotics
  4. detection of parasites
  5. nutritional value of fish meat (especially monitored fat content, ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids)

Finished goods - fresh fish and processed products

Product safety:

  1. four times a year for each product category
  2. microbiological testing according to the EU and Croatian legislation


Smoked fish

Health integrity - twice a month.

Smoked, marinated fish

  1. chemical analysis (heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls) - annually
  2. nutritional value of fish meat - once a year
According to the HACCP plan, and on the account of ensuring product quality and food safety concern, hygiene conditions in the production process and the workers are under diligent observation - swabs (for certain categories) are taken on each line (surfaces, equipment, people) by authorized institutions: the microbiological safety.


  1. HEALTH SAFETY (microbiological testing) - four times a year
  2. CHEMICAL TESTS - nutritional values, analysis of heavy metals

According to the Plan of monitoring the quality of sea and shellfish authorized institutions are engaged in monitoring of phytoplankton composition of sea water at least twice a month (depending on the time of year)


Shellfish meat

  1. Benzo(a)pyrene - twice a year
  2. Heavy metals - twice a year
  3. E. coli - monthly
  4. Biotoxins - weekly