Fish processing

By the end of 2012 a new facility in Zadar was opened, equipped with the latest technology for fish sorting and processing. The facility is fully constructed according to the principles of good manufacturing and hygiene practices (GMP, Good Manufacture Practice) for the fishing industry. It provides the security to our end-consumer that they will consume healthy, fresh and top quality product.
Fish are sorted immediately after harvesting and once the sorting has finished, it is packed in polystyrene boxes and, depending on orders, sent either fresh to the market or processed into fresh fillets, packed fish, smoked and marinated fish. Product smoking and marinating is accomplished by traditional methods without the use of artificial additives and preservatives.


The facility is equipped with a machine for fish wrapping in a controlled MAP atmosphere (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) and IQF freezing system for fish (individually quick-frozen / single freezing method).
With the implementation of the above described manufacturing process, we keep the high quality and freshness of our fish, free of any kind of preservatives, thus closing the circle between farming and shipping of the freshest fish in the Adriatic Sea.