Adris grupa is one of the leading Croatian and regional companies in terms of profitability, competitiveness and innovation. It was established in 2003, building upon the 130-year legacy of the Tobacco Factory Rovinj, in whose historical factory complex in downtown Rovinj this modern company is based. Adris developed its strength and market advantage by striving to be better, different and more innovative than its competitors. The performance of Adris grupa in the past ten years has been marked by a strong growth of all key indicators. The group’s revenue more than quintupled in this period, its profit increased by a tenfold, and its capital by a twentyfold. The market value of Adris grupa share increased 100 times over. Today Adris grupa operates with an annual revenue in excess of EUR 800 million, contributing EUR 1.5 million to the Croatian state budget every day. The group also firmly holds the position of the biggest Croatian investor. Adris invested more than EUR 1 billion over 20 years, more than EUR 400 million of it in tourism. The capital generated by Adris stays in Croatia, where it helps develop the national and the regional economy, and generate new jobs. The future growth of Adris grupa is based on three industries with a great potential that are sustainable in the long term: tourism, health food and insurance.
Maistra is the leader of Adris grupa’s tourism business. It holds an important place in Croatian tourism, accounting for 14 percent of overnights in Istria, and 4 percent of the total overnights in the Republic of Croatia. With tourism operations in prestigious locations in Rovinj, Vrsar and Dubrovnik, Maistra is growing to become a first-class, internationally recognisable tourism brand. Relying strongly on destination brands and on offering an authentic Istrian, Croatian and Mediterranean experience, Maistra’s offer rests on a highly personalised service and the development of innovative and competitive facilities. In addition to its luxury hotels Monte Mulini, Lone, Eden and Adriatic, Maistra will soon open Grand hotel Park. On top of the EUR 400 million invested so far, Maistra plans to invest another EUR 200 million in the upcoming period.
Consolidating several smaller Croatian fish breeding and processing companies into a new company, the Zadar-based Cromaris, Adris grupa made a serious step into the mariculture and high-quality white fish breeding business in 2009. Adris invested EUR 140 million in the company’s development, which helped boost all key performance indicators, open new markets, expand the product portfolio, and accomplish further technological and production upgrades. In the next period, an additional EUR 50 million investment is planned. Today Cromaris is the leading Croatian and the world’s number seven sea bass and bream producer with an annual growth of 20 percent. EU markets account for more than 80 percent of its revenue. It increased its sales almost six times and its production almost eight times in the past six years. Cromaris has grown into a sustainable and globalisation-resistant health food business the value of which will grow continually in the years to come, with consumers changing their habits and turning to a healthier lifestyle.
Croatia osiguranje
Early in 2014 Adris grupa acquired Croatia’s oldest Croatian insurance company and the market leader, Croatia osiguranje. The company’s strong move into the insurance industry attests to its dedication to continue investing in Croatia and the ambition to make Croatia osiguranje a regional insurance leader capable of competing in the global market through further investments and responsible management. The company will continue with the restructuring in the period ahead, and is expected to make a stronger breakthrough in the region after the revitalisation of its business.
Corporate responsibility
Adris grupa’s business strategy “Be the first, be better, be different” is the basis for all the company’s business decisions, which is reflected in Adris’ desire not only to be one of the most successful Croatian companies, but also to be an innovative company with a sound corporate responsibility programme and a focus on the future, as well as the leader of economic trends in the region. Adris confirmed its dedication to the development of Croatian culture, for instance, by opening the Adris Gallery, which has showcased some of the works by the most distinguished Croatian artists since its opening in 2001, and grew into a prominent art venue.
Adris Foundation
As a company particularly in tune with the community’s needs, Adris grupa established the Adris Foundation in 2007 for the purpose of even more systematic and better organised promotion of excellence, science and humanitarianism in the Croatian society. Every year Adris grupa supports the Foundation with one percent of its operating profit from the past year. By establishing this Foundation, financially the biggest organisation of this sort in this part of the world, with the most eminent Croatian intellectuals involved in its activities, Adris grupa set new donation standards in Croatia. The Foundation donated more than EUR 6.5 million to projects in Science, Creativity, Ecology, Heritage and Charity in nine donation cycles so far. The list of beneficiaries includes a number of science and education centres, universities, institutes, environmental associations, clinical hospital centres, folklore societies, along with a direct support to the most deprived members of our society. The Foundation deserves special credit for 250 scholarships granted to outstanding secondary school students, undergraduate and graduate students, and postgraduate and doctoral students.
A future in Adris
Aware of the serious economic and social crisis, in conditions of record-high unemployment, and especially youth unemployment in Croatia, Adris grupa decided to set positive processes in motion with its one-of-a-kind programme for recruiting young highly-educated professionals, called A future in Adris. By launching this programme in 2010, Adris grupa became the first company in Croatia to start a public internship programme that had never before existed in Croatia, aimed at driving changes in the Croatian corporate awareness in terms of employment of young specialists and brain drain prevention. Three cycles have been completed so far, and Adris plans to continue implementing this programme in the future, as investing in people is its greatest corporate value.
The values Adris grupa has been nurturing – its personnel and management structure, the dedication of its employees, tradition and experience – have confirmed its standing as a good employer and reliable partner.
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