Adriatic sea bream

Cromaris sea bream (lat. Sparus aurata) belongs to the Sparidae family (Sparidae). Sea bream is one of the highly praised Adriatic whitefish. It was extoled even in the ancient Greece because of the magnificent motions. Its attractive appearance earned it a nickname "Queen of the Sea", given after its characteristic golden spot. Cromaris sea bream is farmed in Adriatic Sea.
Its tasty white meat has high gastronomic value. Sea bream's most common habitat is along the coast, and it feeds on shellfish and crustaceans.
Shelf life: 14 days
Energy value: 181 kcal per 100g

Available sizes:
200-300 g
300-400 g
400-600 g
600-800 g
800 g +
Available sizes of fresh fillets:
60-80 g
80-120 g
120-160 g
160-200 g
200-300 g
Available sizes of gutted fish (gills and gut removed):
160-250 g
250-330 g
330-500 g
500-670 g
670-840 g
840-1300 g
Box options (with cover): 3kg, 6kg
Pallet dimension: 120 cm x 100 cm
Number of rows on pallet: 11
Total number of boxes (6kg) on a pallet: 88
Storage conditions: on ice, 0˚- +2˚C